About Me


Bella! My name is Coco. Love to meet You!

I like coding and enjoy the world wide web.
I am an internet Radio stations Scientist and Google Webmaster Product Expert too. Basically, I am a SEO addicted.

I love helping people and sharing my knowledge through the Google Expert Program both in the Webmaster and the Search Community. Take a look here.

Last but not least, I really love Music. I cannot live without my lovely earphones.

Skills & Interests

Web Crawling

SEO Savvy

Search Engine Expert

Coding Lover

HTML5 Addicted

Data Pasionate

Python Newbie

Linux Lover

SQL Love Hater

Internet Radio Scientist

Online Copyright

CC Supporter

Studio, Lavoro, imprenDisco!

Some Stats so far


Hours of music listened


Headphones broken


Steps in the last year


Years without more Coffee and Cigarettes

Original Italian Brain. Born and raised in the South of Italy.


Do you work for Google?

No, I do not. I am only part of the Product Expert Program in the Google Webmaster and Search Community. This is a great way to keep always up to date and help people at the same time.

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Can I contact you privately from the Community?

Not really. Please, don't be mad but I really like helping people in the Community. By doing so, someone else will be able to find a solution to their problem easily.

Can I contact you for a job?

Thank you for trusting me. However at the moment my job is oriented to different topics. If you follow me either via Twitter or Instagram you are going to find out more information in the next few months.

Can I invite you for a professional talk?

Thank you very much. I am more than honoured about this kind of request. However, I am focused on different matters of coding, SEO and professional development in general at the moment. I am very sorry to decline your lovely invite.

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Based in Europe